Tresiba FlexTouch

Tresiba FlexTouch

Insulin degludec

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Product strength & quantity


Tresiba FlexTouch

Generic Name: Insulin degludec
Brand Name: Tresiba FlexTouch

Available Doses:

  • Tresiba FlexTouch U-100: Contains 100 units of insulin degludec per mL. Available in a 3 mL prefilled pen.
  • Tresiba FlexTouch U-200: Contains 200 units of insulin degludec per mL. Also available in a 3 mL prefilled pen.

How to Use:

  1. Checking the Pen: Ensure the pen is not damaged and the insulin is clear and colorless.
  2. Priming the Pen: Before each injection, prime the pen to ensure proper dosing.
  3. Selecting the Dose: Turn the dose selector to choose the required dose.
  4. Injecting the Dose: Insert the needle into your skin and press the dose button until it stops. Keep the needle in the skin for at least 6 seconds to ensure the full dose is delivered.
  5. Storage: Store unused pens in the refrigerator, and keep the pen in use at room temperature.

How It's Cheaper for Americans to Buy from Canada:

  • Price Difference: Medications in Canada are often priced lower due to government regulations.
  • Importing for Personal Use: U.S. citizens can import a limited amount of prescription medication from Canada for personal use.
  • Canadian Online Pharmacies: Many legitimate Canadian pharmacies offer online services, allowing Americans to purchase medications at Canadian prices.

Important Notes:

  • Consult your healthcare provider before starting or changing your insulin regimen.
  • Do not share your Tresiba FlexTouch pen with others.
  • Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly as prescribed.
  • Be aware of signs of hypo- or hyperglycemia and know how to manage them.

Note on Buying Insulin:

  • Cost Considerations: The cost of insulin can be significantly higher in the U.S. compared to other countries. Exploring options for purchasing insulin from Canada or other countries might offer cost savings.
  • Regulations and Safety: Ensure that any pharmacy, whether online or in-person, is reputable and follows safety standards for dispensing medications.
  • Prescription Requirements: A valid prescription from a healthcare provider is typically required to purchase insulin, whether domestically or internationally.