Jardiance (Empagliflozin)

Jardiance (Empagliflozin)


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Jardiance, an SGLT2 inhibitor, helps lower blood sugar by causing the kidneys to remove glucose from the bloodstream through urine.

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Jardiance: Benefits, Doses, and Buying from Canada with a U.S. Prescription

Jardiance (Empagliflozin) from Canada

Jardiance (empagliflozin) is a medication used to help control blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. It works by helping your kidneys get rid of glucose (sugar) through your urine. Jardiance can also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in people with type 2 diabetes who have heart disease.

Available Doses of Jardiance in Canada

Jardiance is available in two strengths:

  • 10 mg tablets
  • 25 mg tablets

How to Take Jardiance

  • Starting Dose: For blood sugar control, start with 10 mg once daily.
  • Increasing Dose: If needed, your doctor might increase the dose to 25 mg once daily for better blood sugar control.
  • Heart Failure: The recommended dose is 10 mg once daily.

Important Considerations

  • With or Without Food: You can take Jardiance with or without food.
  • Missed Dose: If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not take two doses at the same time.
  • Renal Function: Your doctor will check your kidney function before starting and regularly during treatment.
  • Hydration: Ensure you are well-hydrated before starting Jardiance.

Possible Side Effects

  • Common: Increased urination, urinary tract infections, genital infections.
  • Serious: Dehydration, low blood pressure, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Contact your doctor if you experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, or confusion.

Who Should Not Take Jardiance?

  • Those with severe kidney issues, end-stage renal disease, or on dialysis.
  • People with a history of diabetic ketoacidosis.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid Jardiance.

Benefits of Jardiance Over Alternatives

  • Heart Health: Jardiance reduces the risk of cardiovascular death in people with type 2 diabetes who have heart disease.
  • Weight Loss: Many patients experience weight loss, which can improve overall health and diabetes management.
  • Blood Pressure Reduction: Jardiance helps lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Convenient Dosing: Taken once daily, making it easier to manage than medications requiring multiple daily doses.
  • Kidney Protection: Jardiance may have protective effects on the kidneys.
  • Low Risk of Hypoglycemia: Lower risk of low blood sugar when used alone or with medications that do not cause hypoglycemia.

Saving Money: Buying Jardiance from Canada with a U.S. Prescription

  1. Get a U.S. Prescription: Ensure you have a valid prescription from your U.S. healthcare provider.
  2. Find a Canadian Pharmacy: Look for a reputable Canadian online pharmacy, such as Over The Border Meds.
  3. Submit Prescription: Submit your prescription to the Canadian pharmacy. This can often be done by uploading an image of your prescription, or by having your prescriber fax it directly to the pharmacy.
  4. Place Your Order: Choose the dosage and quantity you need and place your order online or over the phone. Pharmacies should have customer service to assist you.
  5. Delivery: Your medication will be shipped to your address. Shipping times can vary, so plan accordingly.

Buy Jardiance from Canada

Buying Jardiance from Canada can save you money due to lower medication costs. Ensure you use a legitimate pharmacy to avoid counterfeit medications.

Jardiance will be shipped right to your door after a pharmacist has reviewed your US prescription.

Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting or changing your medication regimen.