Novolin GE NPH Penfill Cartridge

Novolin GE NPH Penfill Cartridge

Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic

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Novolin ge NPH PenFill Cartridge is an insulin cartridge that contains Novolin ge NPH, for use with your reusable insulin pen. It is a man-made intermediate-acting insulin used for the control of high blood sugar in the treatment of diabetes. The cartridge comes in 3 mL size in a pack of five.

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Novolin ge NPH PenFill is used with your reusable insulin pen for the control of high sugar levels in the treatment of diabetes. It is an intermediate-acting insulin, administered subcutaneously (under the skin), and is commonly used together with a fast-acting mealtime insulin to protect you against the blood sugar spikes that occur during and after eating. These cartridges work with your reusable insulin pen to deliver Novolin ge NPH insulin, which works similarly to the way naturally occurring human insulin does. The main difference between this insulin and natural insulin is that it has a longer duration of action. Insulin is a hormone normally produced by your pancreas, which is a large organ near your stomach. It is chiefly responsible for food metabolism, helping your body use and store the sugar that your body creates by processing food. If you have diabetes, either your pancreas does not make sufficient insulin or your body can not use the insulin that it does make properly. Because sugar can not be properly stored or used up, it builds up in your bloodstream causing high blood sugar levels.