Novolin GE 50 / 50 Penfill Cartridge

Novolin GE 50 / 50 Penfill Cartridge

Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic Insulin Injection

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Novolin ge 50/50 PenFill is a cartridge filled with a mixture of 50% Regular human insulin and 50% NPH insulin suspension for your reusable insulin pen. Both are man-made insulin analogs, which have a similar effect and action as naturally occurring human insulin does. They are both used separately in the treatment of diabetes for the management of high blood sugar levels. Regular insulin is a short-acting mealtime insulin, and NPH insulin is an intermediate–acting background insulin.

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Novolin ge 50/50 PenFill Cartridge is used for the control of high blood sugar levels in the treatment of diabetes. The cartridges are made to be loaded in your reusable insulin delivery pen. The fast-acting Regular insulin together with the intermediate-acting NPH insulin provides you with a whole day’s worth of insulin control for your blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a disorder that arises from either your pancreas not producing enough insulin, or because your body does not properly respond to the insulin that it does produce. Insulin itself is a digestive hormone that is primarily involved in controlling your metabolism. It controls your blood sugar levels by regulating the breakdown of food, like fats, sugars and proteins. It helps take the sugar out of your blood and into your liver, fat, and skeletal muscle cells where the sugar can be used as energy.