Novolin GE 30 / 70 Penfill Cartridge

Novolin GE 30 / 70 Penfill Cartridge

Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic Insulin Injection

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These Cartridges are filled with a mixture of 30% Regular insulin and 70% NPH insulin isophane for use with your reusable insulin pen.

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Novolin ge 30/70 PenFill Cartridges are used for the control of high blood sugar levels in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes. Together, the fast-acting Regular insulin and the intermediate-acting NPH insulin gives you full-day insulin control of your blood sugar. The PenFill Cartridges are for use in your reusable insulin pen for more convenient delivery. Novolin ge 30/70 works the same as natural human insulin does in those who do not have diabetes. In people who do have diabetes, their body either does not make enough of their own insulin, as in type 1 diabetes, or they cannot properly use the insulin their body does make, as in type 2 diabetes. Normally, insulin is made by the beta cells in your pancreas, which is an organ near your stomach. Insulin controls the breakdown of food, including fats, proteins and sugars, by regulating the absorption of sugar that occurs from your blood into liver, fat, and skeletal muscle cells. It also by blocks your liver’s ability to produce and release as much sugar back into your blood. Without insulin, your sugar can remain in your blood and cannot enter the cells in your body to be used for energy, leading to high blood sugar.