Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen

Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen

Insulin Lispro

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Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen is an insulin pen that is filled with an insulin suspension containing 50% insulin lispro injection and 50% insulin lispro protamine. The Humalog KwikPen is a disposable pre-filled insulin pen. It has a compact size and simple design that allows you to manage your blood sugar levels at home or on the go with convenient, easy and accurate insulin delivery.

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The Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen has a mixture of insulin lispro and insulin protamine, which are both insulin analogs used to control of blood sugar levels in adults and children with diabetes mellitus. It also provides a convenient option for subcutaneous injection of a 50/50 mixture of Humalog insulin. The KwikPen technology allows for easy injection of your insulin without any of the uncertainty that can be involved with self-administering injections with a syringe, and without the involvement of additional equipment, such as needles and vials. Insulin analogs are synthetic insulins manufactured to work like naturally occurring human insulin. Naturally occurring insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells in the pancreas, which controls blood sugar levels by regulating the breakdown of food and promotes the absorption of sugar from the blood into your fat, liver and skeletal muscle cells.